Our company commenced operations in lift and hydraulic press manufacturing sector as "Manastech Machinery" with experts, experienced staff and management team who trained in the higher education in September 2012. Manastech Machinery aims to become a world brand and to sign big successes in the future with corporate identity which prepares itself integration with the world, with vast knowledge and experience in the scientific and engineering works. Manastech Machinery has adopted as a principle to contribute economy of the country and offer the best service in high-quality products of hydraulic sector by evaluating all the technological possibilities of modern machinery. Manastech Machinery formed its structure on strong principles by using and applying irrespective of the scale, sensibility for its all products quality and service. We aims to be a friend with our products who stand reliable near our customers, add value on their company values. Within this sensibility framework, we continue our works and we will continue with the same determination.

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